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The Europaeum promotes academic links and research collaboration between its partners. We facilitate research projects, conferences, lectures, joint teaching programmes and much more.

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Latest News

Europaeum co-founder dies aged 96

We are very sorry to announce that George Weidenfeld passed away the 20th of January at the age of 96. Lord Weidenfeld was, of course co-founder of the Europaeum and many, many, other important initiatives. He leaves a gap in our association it will be impossible to fill. Please see his Bio here.
For more obituaries please see here.

Inside Brussels : Last call for applications

Last call for applications are invited right away for our next - ninth - special three-day programme of talks, discussions,  interviews and visits, involving those at the sharp end of policy and decision-making in Brussels. See here for event poster. Among the themes on Policy-Making Inside Brussels to be discussed will be democracy in Europe; how the Juncker European Commission Priorities Programme is progressing; responding to the threats of terrorism; and British Euro exit and its implications, plus the usual series of lively working group debates on democracy inside the EU, Euroscepticism, the Eurozone, Greek and other crises, and the role of Germany inside the EU.

Assessing Kissinger's legacy

Henry KissingerHenry KissingerWe publish the stimulating Europaeum Lecture given by Professor Jussi Hanhimakki, Professor of International History and Politics at the Graduate Institute, Geneva, in  Oxford last year, in our Europaeum Lecture series. The lecture,  entitled Re-evaluating the Legacy of Henry Kissinger: Statesman or Stuntman ? was a stimulating evaluation of his legacy  Please download the Kissinger text here.  Copies are being circulated widely among our friends and supporters across the Europaeum consortium.. If you would like a hard copy please contact the office. (there will be a small charge to cover printing and delivery).

Migration - Open Europe, Closed Europe ?

Following our most successful topical Graduate Workshop hosted with Bologna University on Migration and Mobility (see the programme here) , with keynote talks from Oxford Professor, Guy Goodwin Gill, analysing the nature of the current crisis facing Europe, we are now gearing up for our next event linked to our focus theme of the year which is how Europe responds to the crisis of Migration ? This is to be held in Krakow at the Jagiellonian on theme Open Europe, Closed Europe  April 14-16th.

Hottest Debate at Oxford Union for years !

Barroso (from top left clockwise), Farage, Clegg and Cash.Barroso (from top left clockwise), Farage, Clegg and Cash.More than 30 leading Europaeum alumni were in Oxford last month invited from member institutions to take part in the Europaeum's inaugural special European Democracy Day focusing how to improve democracy across and within the European Union - including the role the UK may play in a future European Union (see our main poster here). They were drawn from a range of our MA, graduate and summer school programmes as well as our scholarship and bursary awards, with some going back more than more than five years. Please see here for a list of Europaeum alumni participating. They were able to participate in our day of activities which will include a fireside chat with former EU President Joao Manuel Barroso and Professor Yves Meny, and a model European Parliament-style debate on four key policy recommendations to do with democratic reforms for the EU, including universal election, adding to the powers of the Parliament, investigating how the new six-pack and other reforms will lead to greater centralization, and ways of involving more bottom up participation. The students were joined by others from the Weidenfeld Scholarships Scheme and the Blatvanik School of Governance.