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The Europaeum promotes academic links and research collaboration between its partners. We facilitate research projects, conferences, lectures, joint teaching programmes and much more.

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Latest News

Oxford: University prepares for Brexit impact

All Souls College, OxfordAll Souls College, OxfordOxford has been gearing up to face a future that could herald the UK out of the EU, with potential threats to a major research stream, which last year yielded more than £66 million; the 1 in 7 students that come from the EU to study at Oxford; and one in six staff that come from the EU. Oxford has joined a high-level university Europe Group which is keeping in touch with the UK government and lobbying through bodies such as the European Research Council and LERU. The University has hired special lawyers to advise on migration law, and there is advice on the impact of pensions.

Memorial for George Weidenfeld

George Weidenfeld is also to be remembered as a great friend of Oxford on Saturday, September 24th, in the Sheldonian in Oxford, having not only founded the Europaeum, ' his first baby' - but continued to support the university in many ways, serving for many years as Vice-President of the University's Development Campaign, and helping to create and establish the Weidenfeld-Hoffman Scholarship Scheme which funds up to 25 top-ranking scholars each year, and the Blavatnik School of Governance which already has some 150 graduates a year reading public policy degrees. Both were ideas first discussed within the Europaeum board. All are welcome at this event, and invitations have gone to select Europaeum graduate alumni and to leading donors, friends and supporters of the association. The event follows the hugely memorable  event which took place at the Victoria and Albert Museum on will take place in London on  June 26 to mark and celebrate the many achievements of George Weidenfeld, who died on January 20th at the age of 96.

José Manuel Barroso adresses Brexit at Estoril Forum

José Manuel BarrosoJosé Manuel BarrosoIn a passionate and wide-ranging address at the recent Estoril Forum held last month near Lisbon, Professor Jose Manuel Barroso called on his former EU Cabinet colleagues to take a positive stance on the Brexit fall-out. "We need to go away from hard feelings or vengeful attitudes and find a new basis for a relationship," he said. "We have to be responsible, we have to mitigate problems," he added later on. Examining the causes for the vote, he said he has wanted Mr Cameron that he cannot suddenly 'praise the EU for two months" having spent "some 20 years attacking the EU" ! He did confirm his view that English would remain the number one language inside the EU, even without the UK. Finally, he warned, presciently certainly given the continuing upheaval of events in the UK : " There are many more surprises to come in #brexit crisis. It too early to measure all effects." The Forum is organised by our colleagues from the Institute of Political Studies at the Catholica University, with our support.

European Migration Day

Karel SchwarzenbergKarel SchwarzenbergThe Europaeum is once again mounting a special initiative focussing on European Migration and Mobility amidst the fall out from the UK vote to exit the European Union. The plan for the Europaeum's European Migration  Day, is to invite a number of past and current Europaeum alumni to come to Geneva on October 20th for a day of debates, fireside chats with leading European figures, and a model European Parliament-style debate on the theme including reforms to free movement rules, dealing with asylum seekers from north Africa, what difference Brexit has made, and how to build Europe-wide cooperation on migration issues. There will be a high-level panel exploring the politics behind the migration crisis in Europe. Please hold the date if you are interested. Among our speakers will be Jose Manuel Barroso and Karel Schwarzenberg. All events will be co-hosted with the Graduate Institute in Geneva. More information follows.

New Oxford - Prague Bursary Scheme

Charles Bridge, PragueCharles Bridge, PragueA new study bursary scheme, linking Charles University, Prague and Oxford, supporting two graduate research students each year, allowing a selected graduate from Charles to spend a month in Oxford doing research and meeting academics, and an Oxford graduate spending a month attached to Charles University in Prague, has just been confirmed. It is modelled on our successful Oxford-Geneva Bursary Scheme which is about to enter its 16th year. Details for applications will be unveiled in early autumn and we expect the first bursary winners to be announced at the beginning of 2017. Each successful student will receive €1000 as a bursary, and the scheme is guaranteed for five years, in the first instance. The scheme is being supported by the Sekyra Group, based in Prague.