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The Europaeum promotes academic links and research collaboration between its partners. We facilitate research projects, conferences, lectures, joint teaching programmes and much more.

The Europaeum and all its faculty, alumni, friends and supporters would like to extend our deepest sympathies to our colleagues and friends at Paris 1 Pantheon- Sorbonne, following the terrorist murders of last Friday 13th November. We especially wish to send condolences for the brutal killing of two Paris 1 students and the serious injuries inflicted to a third University student. We share a moment for their families and friends. We stand together, citoyens de l'Europe.

Latest News

Hottest Debate at Oxford Union for years !

They queued for up to five hours apparently in cold and wet weather to grab their seats for one of the hottest debates hosted at the historic 192-year old Oxford Union. The debate on whether Britain should stay in or move out of the European Union was set in partnership with the Europaeum - reflecting the early skirmishes in the coming referendum. Even as the packed audience - including various Europaeum alumni and special guests including senior representatives from the Jagiellonian, from Paris 1, from Charles University, Pompeu Fabre, and students also from Bologna, Lisbon, Helsinki, and Leiden, and with colleagues and partners within the wider EUK@OX campaign - was listening to the powerful debate, a poll for the Independent newspaper was revealing a 52-48 per cent majority in favour of BrExit. 

European Democracy Day for Alumni

Excitement is mounting for the Europaeum's inaugural special day focussing on European Democracy - including the role the UK may play in a future European Union. We will have 25t former Europaeum alumni some going back more than five years coming back to participate in our day of activities which will include a fireside chat with former EU President Joao Manuel Barroso and Professor Yves Meny, and a model European Parliament-style debate on four key policy recommendations to do with democratic reforms for the EU, including universal election, adding to the powers of the Parliament, investigating how the new six-pack and other reforms will lead to greater centralization, and ways of involving more bottom up participation. 

Climate Change COP21 Paris Debates Travel Bursaries

The Europaeum is offering some travel bursaries to offer its graduates to attend a conference linked to the coming Paris Climate Conference - security concerns pending. The United Nation's COP 21 aims "to achieve legally binding agreement on climate with goal to keep global warming bellow 2°C". The events were expected to attract more than 50,000 participants. The Europaeum is offering bursaries to graduates from its university network who are specialising in climate change or related studies, who would like to attend any possible events linked  to the  Sustainable Innovation Forum 2015, under the auspices of the COP21. We were ourselves though denied formal registrations. There is also a conference on the topic 7th - 8th December 2015 at Paris ! Pantheon Sorbonne and our students will be able to attend this. Please apply right away in the usual way, with a letter, cv and at least one brief current academic reference. For more information see the poster or see the call for papers here.

Bologna Workshop on Europe's Migration Crisis

The current flows of refugees from into Europe – probably the largest flows since the end of the last world war – has put migration and mobility at the top of Europe's agenda. As German Chancellor Angela Merkel said this is becoming Europe's new Project. The flows has raised questions of European and national identity, cultural reconfiguration, relations of centre and periphery in Europe, border controls, the collapse of the Dublin Protocol, relations with Turkey, humanitarian and armed intervention in crisis regions such as Syria.

Jenkins Awards

Lord JenkinsLord JenkinsApplications are now invited from new  candidates for this prestigious award for the 21015-16 Jenkins Scholarships - Please see the official notice of the awards here. Please note applications need to be made direct to Oxford's Graduate Funding and Admissions office, before the official closing date around late January 2016. More than 60 awards - each worth more than €17,000 - have already been made since the first award in 2004. Five new Jenkins Scholars are due to begin their academic studies at Europaeum-linked universities in September next month - including graduates from the University of Leiden, from Jagiellonian, Krakow and from Helsinki coming to Oxford, while Oxford graduates will go to Munich and to Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne (please see here for details press notice). This scholarship scheme honours the former President of the European Commission and Chancellor of the University of Oxford, Lord (Roy) Jenkins, who was involved in supporting the founding of the Europaeum association in the early 1990s. Every year scholarships are awarded to the best applicants who wish to study for degrees in Humanities or Social Sciences, subjects close to Lord Jenkins own interests, at Europaeum-linked partner universities.