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The Europaeum promotes academic links and research collaboration between its partners. We facilitate research projects, conferences, lectures, joint teaching programmes and much more.

Latest News

Oxford Debate on the Uk and Europe : Does the Brussels 'Eurocrat' still matter?

The European Project was ‘built’ by many – and certainly the legendary Brussels civil service that comprised the European Commission – the so-called Eurocrats – played a critical role. This role and their influence has, though, changed and evolved. There is also a growing perception – real or perceived – that British influence within the EC, which had stood despite the UK’s fluctuating political views and influence on Europe, are now on the wane. This seminar will set out to discuss, explore and dissect these themes. To find out more about this event please read see the poster here or have a look at the draft programme. To register for this event please send an email to

Europaeum Policy Seminar : Policy making inside Europe

Applications are now open for our eighth special three-day programme of talks, discussions, interviews and visits, involving those at the sharp end of policy and decision-making in Brussels - focussing on issues of current concerns. It will run from lunchtime on March 3rd through to tea-time on March 5th. As usual, it is being organised with our colleagues from the Institute of Political Science within the Catholic University in Lisbon, to focus on how European policy is made in Brussels in a range of fields and disciplines.

Europaeum welcomes new German member

The Europaeum this month formally welcomes the world renowned Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in München as the newest partner of our consortium. A Memorandum of Agreement is due to be signed in Munich this week between  Professor Bernd Huber, the President Of LMU Munich and Dr Paul Flather, Secretary-General of the Europaeum, and it is hoped to launch the new partnership with collaboration over a Europaeum event at Munich this year. LMU graduates have already been invited to join the Jenkins Scholarship Scheme, before this year's deadline in late January, and also to the forthcoming European Policy-Making seminar coming up in Brussels at the beginning of March.

Alumni Dinner

Students Graduating from MAStudents Graduating from MAThe Europaeum is planning to host a dinner discussion for a select group of our outstanding alumni graduates in London, now due to be on March 2nd with a keynote speaker. The Trustees have proposed as part of our 20th anniversary strategy, to review some of our achievements through the eyes of some of our those who took part - and benefitted – from our programmes.  It is hoped that we can spark a discussion to  explore possible future work, even a collective project or research policy theme, we might embark on, for example protecting civil liberties or providing some collective leadership in a particular area.  Participants will be invited from our Jenkins and Oxford-Geneva scholarships programmes, as well as our joint MAs in European History and European Politics and Society. And we hope that the speaker will be  Professor Hew Strachan, the Chichele Professor of Military History, at All Souls College, Oxford, who also gave a very distinguished European Lecture for us on The Changing Character of War, also a major research programme he founded and directed for many years at Oxford.

EU and the UK

With the future geometry of Europe still very much on the agenda, the Europaeum based in Oxford has helped create a new consortium of several European bodies based within the University to provoke serious debate, in an academic, cross-disciplinary, environment to add value to wider debates on the UK's relationship with the European Union, through a series of seminars, workshops, and lectures. The consortium was informally launched last November at a meeting to discuss the concept of a new referendum on UK membership – proposed by Prime Minister David Cameron for 2017.