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The Europaeum promotes academic links and research collaboration between its partners. We facilitate research projects, conferences, lectures, joint teaching programmes and much more.

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Latest News

Academic Council and Rectors' Conference

Charles IVCharles IVThis year's Europaeum Academic Council will be hosted at Charles University in Prague on May 12th in the morning - as part of the University's special celebrations to mark the 700th anniversary of the birth of its founder, the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles IV. It will be celebrate membership of the Europaeum, of the COIMBRA Group of ancient universities, and of the UNICA group of universities in capital cities. All 12 Europaeum partners are due to be represented at the event, and several Europaeum rectors will also be attending the celebrations which will include a special ceremony in the Aula Magna in the old Carolinum Building at Charles University, a dinner, and on the Friday, a special Rectors' conference on Universities and their challenges. which is being organised by Professor Lenka A. Rovna, who is a Jean Monnet professor and Vice Rector for European Affairs at Charles. The conference will be on the Legacy of Charles IV - Education and Academic Freedom, Innovation and Open Society.

Oxford summer school on China and Europe

This year's annual Europaeum Summer School will take place in the first week of September at Oxford University's new China centre, and will feature leading experts from across China and Europe - two areas that form large blocs on the global landscape today. The summer school will explore the many similar challenges they both face in the 21st century - including questions of  political legitimacy, urban sprawl, ageing populations, corruption, economic and social development - and, not least, how to co-exist in a bi-polar, or perhaps, a tri-polar world. Experts will lead the usual mix of discussions, working groups, debates, panels and give keynote talks.

MA programme in European History and Civilisation

We are still accepting applicants for our pioneering MA programme in European History and Civilisation, which allows participants spending terms at our three partner universities, Leiden, Paris 1 and Oxford. We are keen to attract students from all over the world and we are publishing this statement from our first Chinese student, Xiaoring Ren who graduated last year (see here) and we will be publicizing  a Chinese version. This successful programme, which last September celebrated its 10th full year anniversary, launched with a pilot in 2004-5 (read the views of the first tranche in here (article from our 2005 Europaeum Review). This course offers graduate students a special opportunity 'to deepen their knowledge' of European history and institutions, their philosophical and historical backgrounds and underpinnings, and their social and economic contexts, through the lens of three different university worlds.

Rethinking Law teaching - Carel Stolker

Carel StolkerCarel StolkerIn a recent book, Rethinking the Law School . Education, Research, Outreach and Governance (Cambridge University Press, 2015) Professor Carel Stolker, now Rector Magnificus of Leiden University, and a long-time friend of the Europaeum offers a journey through law schools across a range of countries. comparing and contrasting many aspects involved in providing law education in leading European universities. Exploring education, research, outreach, and governance. Professor Stolker, who sat on the Europaeum Academic Policy committee, the Council, and Board of Trustees, tries to find the common values, duties and challenges facing law schools around the globe. He finds that while law teaching, by its nature, tends to think locally, in fact, has many global commonalities in terms of values, duties, challenges, ambitions and hopes.

Krakow Workshop: Open Europe ? Close Europe ?

Last call for applicants for our Graduate Workshop in our focus on the continuing Migration crisis in Europe, entitled "Open Europe ? Closed Europe ?" looking behind and beyond current EU and national policy flip-flops - the move to the right of the former East Central European region and the lack of the obstacles to  a coherent EU strategy.It is being co-hosted with the Institute for European Studies at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, from April 14th - 16th (please see event poster here) There are a few remaining places which will be chosen by our panel in the coming week.