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SPRING SCHOOL | Europe in a Globalised World

The Europaeum is organising a Spring School on Europe in a Globalised World: What has changed ? - exploring Europe's rise to dominance from the Middle Ages, to its rivalry with the US, and eventual decline of the so-called West, and now the anticipated rise of Asia - notably China and India, but also Japan and South Korea. The workshop will be linked to the Europaeum's new joint MAs - the newly launched Europaeum MA Programme in Prague, Paris and Leiden, and the MA in European History. The event will particularly explore historical roots and political themes, but will also explore economic, trade and economic factors, and processes of 'globalisation', including innovation, migration, mobility, the circulation of ideas and so forth.

REPORT | Student Travel Bursary

This year, the Europaeum initiated a new scheme to assist select graduate students from our partner universities with small travel bursaries to promote greater collaboration across our network.

ANNOUNCEMENT | New Europaeum MA Programme

The Europaeum is launching a new Europaeum MA Programme (EMAP) which currently links Charles University, and Paris 1 Sorbonne, with Leiden set to join. The EMAP will function as a two-year MA Programme in European Studies, over four semesters, with students attending courses at the collaborating universities. The EMAP engages students in the fields of European Politics, European Contemporary History and European International Relations, including relations between Europe and the US, and Europe's place in the world

GRADUATE WORKSHOP | America: Still a European Power?

The University of Bologna will host an international conference and linked graduate seminar on America: Still a European Power? organised by the School of Political Science, University of Bologna, the Bologna Center of SAIS, Johns Hopkins University and the Europaeum consortium. This seminar will bring a historical perspective to the present phase of European-American relations. Questions will include: Should Europe continue to depend on its main ally on the other side of the Atlantic ? What is the state of US-Europe relations today ? Have Europeans been naive in projecting idealistic dreams on Obama ? Can the wounds of Iraq be healed ? What is the impact on the relationship from new challenges from the East ? Has Obama switched attention away from Europe ? What are the challenges for the future under a new President ? Click here for more information

REPORT | Conflict Resolution in Europe: Lessons for Tomorrow

León Castellanos-Jankiewicz, PhD law student at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva, attended the 2012 Europaeum Summer School on Conflict Resolution in Europe: Lessons for Tomorrow. In a recent article for the Institute, León reflected on his experience. Click here to read more

APPLY SOON to the Oxford-Geneva Bursary Programme

The Europaeum is continuing its study bursaries scheme - one to support an Oxford graduate to pursue a short study programme at the Graduate Institute, Geneva, and one to support a Graduate Institute student to study at Oxford, during the coming academic year. The deadline for submission of applications will be early December 8th. Students from Geneva who wish to apply should contact Dr Laurent Neury; and those from Oxford should contact the University International Office.

The Europaeum welcomes the University of Pompeu Fabra

The Europaeum is delighted to announce that the University of Pompeu Fabra - which is now 25 years old  - and quickly established a reputation as one of Spain's premier universities - ranked third according to recent international league rankings - has just confirmed that it has accepted our invitation to become our newest full member.

Jenkins' Scholarships

Applications are invited for the Jenkins Scholarships for the 2013-2014 academic year. Awards are for now a little over £11,500 per annum, usually for one year. Jenkins Scholars will be eligible to study at Oxford for a Masters degree in the Humanities or Social Sciences, the disciplines closest to Lord Jenkins’ own political and literary interests.

EUROPAEUM DEBATE | Lord Patten and Erhard Busek

The Trustees just hosted a lively 'conversation' on the future for Europe at Rhodes House - home of the US scholars in Oxford - involving two leading Europaeum trustees, Lord (Chris) Patten, currently Chancellor of Oxford University and a former European Commissioner for External Relations, and Dr Erhard Busek, a former Vice-Chancellor and Minister for Science for Austria, and head of the Initiative for South-East Europe.

GRADUATE WORKSHOP | Communication, media and rhetoric in Europe

The Europaeum plans to run a graduate workshop at the University of Oxford from November 6-8th looking at communication and media in Europe down the ages. The workshop will track how societies have communicated and how leaders have 'spoken' to their followers and how rulers have used language to rule. The workshop will also look at how communication in war has developed with a focus on reporting and the role of the media in the recent Iraq War. The workshop will be built around lectures to be given by Mark Thompson, the new CEO of the New York Times and former Director-General of the BBC for the past decade. He will also take part in a special discussion with participants in the workshop. Click here for more information

CONFERENCE | Understanding International Treaties

The Europaeum is co-supporting an upcoming conference at Charles University, Prague from October 26-27th. The concept of effet utile refers to the method of understanding international treaties, most commonly used in the interpretation of European Community law by the European Court of Justice. Speakers from Computense Universidad Madrid and the University of Bonn will take part, as well as colleagues from the Centre of Law at Prague. Click here to view a preliminary Programme. For more information and details on how you can attend, please contact the Europaeum Office.

CLASSICS COLLOQUIUM | Leadership in the Ancient World

The theme for the 2012 Classics Colloquium will be Leadership in the Ancient World: Odium or wisdom ? hosted by the University of Oxford in mid-November. Applicants are asked to submit a 100-word abstract, CV, and recommendation from at least one of their academic advisors to the Office as soon as possible. All papers must be in English. Senior scholars from Europaeum universities will be contacted directly.

2012 SUMMER SCHOOL | Conflict Resolution in Europe: Lessons for Tomorrow

A range of top international speakers took part in the recent 2012 Summer School event in Oxford on Conflict Resolution within Europe - including Professors Richard Caplan and Jennifer Welsh and Neil Macfarlane from the Politics and International Relations Department at Oxford; Sir David Madden (former UK ambassador to Cyprus), Jonathan Cohen, the head of Conciliation Resources which works in all major hotspots building peace; Alain Servantie (advisor in European President Mr. Barroso's Office), and many others. Click here to view the Programme

NEW REPORT RELEASED | Prevention in European Law

A new report on the international conference on The Ideas of Prevention in European Law at Charles University, Prague has been produced. Co-sponsored by the Europaeum, the aim of the conference was to explore the somewhat ambiguous and multipurpose concept of "Prevention in Law". Click here to read to the full conference report .

The Arab Spring - One Year On | A student's perspective

The Europaeum's recent graduate workshop on The Arab Spring One Year on: What next ?, saw 20 students from across our network convene at hosted in Paris to take stock of developments in the Arab world, one year on. One of the students, Ana Cláudia Manuelito presented a fascinating paper on "The Arab Spring and Maritime Security in the Mediterranean Sea – a moment to think about cooperation and solidarity", in which she argues for the need to cooperate and maintain strong links to promote great maritime security, rather than "close our minds and borders." Click here to read her presentation online