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2012 Europaeum Summary of Activities

Tags: A special message of thanks from the Chairman of the Europaeum Board of Trustees, Dr. Pierre Keller, appears in the Foreword of our 2012 Europaeum Summary of Activities, which is still being distributed to all our friends, supporters and colleagues. The Summary details all the events and programmes for the past year, and has personal thanks from Dr Keller to "all those including academics, students, supporters and donors, who helped to make all these events possible".  He recognised especially the continuing high quality of our Jenkins Scholars who are at Europaeum universities, and looked forward to productive relations with our newest member, Pompeu Fabra from Barcelona. He also particularly mentioned our summer school on conflict resolution in Europe, a theme close to his own heart given his own long term involvement and commitment to the international Red Cross, and support for many special international relations events and initiatives - including an important intervention to build peace in the Middle East. Read the Foreword in full in the report Here. It also contains a formal statement of our budget prepared by our accountants.

Lecture by Faisal Devji in Geneva - May 27th 2013

Tags: Another Europaeum Lecture will take place in our continuing Oxford-Geneva Link Programme, to be delivered by Dr Faisal Devji, Reader in Modern South Asian History at Oxford and a Fellow of St Antony's College, Oxford, who will speak on Muslim Passions in Europe. The event will take place at 18.30 in the main auditorium of the Graduate Institute for International Development and Relations. The event will be chaired by Professor Philippe Burrin, Director of the Graduate Institute, who sits on our Board of trustees - who gave the first of the Europeaum Lectures in this now 10-year series, on Strands on Nazi Anti-Semitism.. All welcome.

DEBATE | Europe's Economic Crisis

As the debate over the right economic strategy to resolve the economic crisis across Europe and in the UK rages, the Europaeum supported a major public debate on Austerity. This event was organised by the New York Review of Books with support from St Antony's College and also the Fritt Ord Foundation. It was held at Oxford University on May 13th from 5-7pm at the Sheldonian Theatre, with key note speakers Meghnad Desai, emeritus professor of economics and global governance at LSE who has spoken at several Europaeum events; Martin Wolf distinguished columnist from the FT, who spoke at our Federalisms international conference in 2010; Sir John Redwood, a Conservative MP, and Robert Skidelsky, an active Lib Dem peer and biographer of Keynes.

Europe in a Globalised World

Professor Margaret Macmillan who is also Warden of St Antony’s College, Oxford, was the keynote speaker at the Europaeum’s recent workshop in Oxford starting on May 16th on Europe in a Globalised World: What has changed ? - exploring Europe's rise to dominance from the Middle Ages, to its rivalry with the US, and eventual decline of the so-called ‘West’, and now the anticipated rise of the ‘East’.

APPLICATIONS | MA in European History and Civilisation

Applications are now being accepted for the Europaeum’s 2013-2014 MA programme in European History and Civilization with terms spent at Leiden, Paris and Oxford. This programme offers graduate students a special opportunity to deepen their knowledge of European history and institutions, their philosophical and historical backgrounds and underpinnings, and their social and economic contexts, through the lens of three different university worlds. This knowledge plays an increasingly crucial role in practical decision-making and strategic planning, where Europe-wide and global contact and negotiation is required. For further information, see Application details on our website.

PUBLICATION | Vernon Bogdanor lecture published

An important Europaeum Lecture on Overcoming the Legacy of the 20th century: Protecting Minorities in Modern Democracies, by Emeritus Professor Vernon Bogdanor has been published online at the Europaeum website. The lecture is timely and picks up important issues facing democracies in Europe today. Professor Bogdanor remains an Emeritus Professor at Oxford, but is now based at King’s College, London. Click here to read the pamphlet

SPRING SCHOOL | Europe in a Globalised World

The Europaeum is organising a Spring School on Europe in a Globalised World: What has changed ? - exploring Europe's rise to dominance from the Middle Ages, to its rivalry with the US, and eventual decline of the so-called West, and now the anticipated rise of Asia - notably China and India, but also Japan and South Korea. The workshop will be linked to the Europaeum's new joint MAs - the newly launched Europaeum MA Programme in Prague, Paris and Leiden, and the MA in European History. The event will particularly explore historical roots and political themes, but will also explore economic, trade and economic factors, and processes of 'globalisation', including innovation, migration, mobility, the circulation of ideas and so forth.

REPORT | Student Travel Bursary

This year, the Europaeum initiated a new scheme to assist select graduate students from our partner universities with small travel bursaries to promote greater collaboration across our network.

ANNOUNCEMENT | New Europaeum MA Programme

The Europaeum is launching a new Europaeum MA Programme (EMAP) which currently links Charles University, and Paris 1 Sorbonne, with Leiden set to join. The EMAP will function as a two-year MA Programme in European Studies, over four semesters, with students attending courses at the collaborating universities. The EMAP engages students in the fields of European Politics, European Contemporary History and European International Relations, including relations between Europe and the US, and Europe's place in the world

GRADUATE WORKSHOP | America: Still a European Power?

The University of Bologna will host an international conference and linked graduate seminar on America: Still a European Power? organised by the School of Political Science, University of Bologna, the Bologna Center of SAIS, Johns Hopkins University and the Europaeum consortium. This seminar will bring a historical perspective to the present phase of European-American relations. Questions will include: Should Europe continue to depend on its main ally on the other side of the Atlantic ? What is the state of US-Europe relations today ? Have Europeans been naive in projecting idealistic dreams on Obama ? Can the wounds of Iraq be healed ? What is the impact on the relationship from new challenges from the East ? Has Obama switched attention away from Europe ? What are the challenges for the future under a new President ? Click here for more information

REPORT | Conflict Resolution in Europe: Lessons for Tomorrow

León Castellanos-Jankiewicz, PhD law student at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva, attended the 2012 Europaeum Summer School on Conflict Resolution in Europe: Lessons for Tomorrow. In a recent article for the Institute, León reflected on his experience. Click here to read more

APPLY SOON to the Oxford-Geneva Bursary Programme

The Europaeum is continuing its study bursaries scheme - one to support an Oxford graduate to pursue a short study programme at the Graduate Institute, Geneva, and one to support a Graduate Institute student to study at Oxford, during the coming academic year. The deadline for submission of applications will be early December 8th. Students from Geneva who wish to apply should contact Dr Laurent Neury; and those from Oxford should contact the University International Office.

The Europaeum welcomes the University of Pompeu Fabra

The Europaeum is delighted to announce that the University of Pompeu Fabra - which is now 25 years old  - and quickly established a reputation as one of Spain's premier universities - ranked third according to recent international league rankings - has just confirmed that it has accepted our invitation to become our newest full member.

Jenkins' Scholarships

Applications are invited for the Jenkins Scholarships for the 2013-2014 academic year. Awards are for now a little over £11,500 per annum, usually for one year. Jenkins Scholars will be eligible to study at Oxford for a Masters degree in the Humanities or Social Sciences, the disciplines closest to Lord Jenkins’ own political and literary interests.

EUROPAEUM DEBATE | Lord Patten and Erhard Busek

The Trustees just hosted a lively 'conversation' on the future for Europe at Rhodes House - home of the US scholars in Oxford - involving two leading Europaeum trustees, Lord (Chris) Patten, currently Chancellor of Oxford University and a former European Commissioner for External Relations, and Dr Erhard Busek, a former Vice-Chancellor and Minister for Science for Austria, and head of the Initiative for South-East Europe.