The Free World should allow Iran to develop nuclear technology ?

29/06/2011 - 15:45
29/06/2011 - 18:15

The Europaeum organised a highly successful, special international debate as part of an international conference on the future of the Free World. The motion on the table was The Free World should allow Iran to develop nuclear technology ? and it will be part of the Institute for Political Studies, Catholic University of Portugal (IEP-UCP) annual conference and summer school taking place in Lisbon from 27-29th June 2011. Graduate students from the Europaeum, IEP-UCP, College of Europe, Natolin, and the Jagiellonian University, Krakow, took part in the debate.

The debate was chaired by Dr Paul Flather (Secretary General, Europaeum), with expert moderators Professor Livia Franco (IEP-UCP, Lisbon) and Professor Miguel Monjardino (IEP-UCP and Expresso, Lisbon). Discussants included Helena Matos (Publico, Lisbon), Jose Manuel Fernandes (Publico, Lisbon), Martim Avillez Figueiredo (Expresso, Lisbon), and Miguel Pinheiro (Director, Sabado, Lisbon).

For more information please see the Debate Poster and Conference Programme.

Lisbon Graduate Debate Participants 2011


  • Salla GARSKY, University of Helsinki, Ph.D. Candidate, World Politics
  • Agnieszka SADECKA, University of Krakow, Ph.D. Candidate, European Studies
  • Miguel TAVEIRA, IEP - Lisbon, MA in Political Sciences
  • Alexander WILKENING, University of Colorado, Undergraduate in Anthropology


  • Rita DINIZ, IEP - Lisbon, BA in Political Sciences
  • Lucia HAPLOVA, Charles University, Prague, BA in Social Pedagogy & Bsc in Economics
  • Mario KORTMAN, Leiden University, MSc in Political Sciences
  • Lidia KUZEMSKA, College of Europe, MA in European Interdisciplinary Studies


This House believes the Free World should allow Iran to get the Bomb?

Results of the main vote – based entirely on the arguments and debate put forward on the afternoon, during the 120-minute debate:

FOR: 57

Results of the a vote based on the views prior to the debate of all those present
FOR: 9

Footnote :
The above votes would suggest that during the course of the debate some 72 people ‘changed’ their minds, though of course it may be more of slightly less, and indeed people may have changed their minds more than once during the course of the debate. But, clearly, the team arguing in favour of the Motion held the sway with the audience. This despite the fact that the Lisbon Editors present argued against the Motion. A commendable achievement in a lively and exciting debate.


Click here to download a Report of this exciting conference by some of the Europaeum's student participants