New report on European higher education budgets

In August 2010, the Europaeum produced a detailed report on the budgets of higher education programmes in European countries that host Europaeum partner institutions (and the countries of potential Europaeum partners). Now the Europaeum is releasing a new updated report reflecting the impact of the current economic downturn on these programmes, utilising an even wider range of contemporary source material.

European universities are being affected in many different ways during the current economic crisis – with winners and losers already emerging – and the differences set to be multiplied over the coming years depending on how the winners use their comparative advantage, and how the losers can best mitigate the effects of cuts. However, while reliable statistical data is difficult to pinpoint - and is moreover in flux due to evolving responses and current austerity programmes being passed by governments embroiled in the seemingly insoluble Eurozone crisis - the economic downturn has, on the whole, had a negative short-term impact upon public higher education programmes queried. For a detailed assessment of countries with Europaeum partner universities, please click here to read the full report.