UNESCO and Higher Education

I am very happy to be able to participate to this conference. Two weeks ago, in Bucharest, UNESCO celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the European Centre of Higher Education, which had a similar theme to today’s. The seminar you are organising relates to a similar preoccupation for UNESCO.

Further Introductory Remarks

First, I bring you greetings and thanks from René Blanchet, Rector of the Academy of Paris and Chancellor of the University. Thanks to the sponsors.

Welcoming Speech

Ladies and gentleman, a few words of welcome that you could find the time to come here and support this venture of the Europaeum. Also, I express my gratitude to our host, the Sorbonne, and our sponsors, DaimlerChrysler, one of whose senior managers is here, and will address us later. Thirdly, a few words of orientation, of the genesis of the project and the future vision, and the relevance of the project. It is exactly ten years ago that the Europaeum was founded and the spark of the idea came really as a result of the great changes in Europe.